Total Global Baba 5th & 6th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Report

Total Global Baba 5th & 6th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Report : Global Baba is one of the recent releases of Bollywood competing with Teraa Suroor the story of this movie revolves behind the Corruption of Bawa’s If I talk about the buzz this movie had than I can say that this movie is creating good buzz and that’s superb but it’s not that easy for this movie to survive because other recent releases going to fight hard against this movie.


Global Baba Movie Box Office Collection

People going to attract towards this movie because this movie has so good buzz and also this movie is going to be good in upcoming days but now for sure this movie is competing good even this movie has not that big names and faces but this movie is doing good with the good story plot.

First weekend collection of this movie-

First day collection of this movie is quite good movie opened with decent opening. This movie didn’t open with that good earning but also the earning is way better than expected by us because like I told you this movie have not that big names and faces and that’s affecting this movie a lot.

This movie collected between Rs 2.3 Crore in first day and that’s for the movie like this also this movie has good acting and direction that can attract people and now days audience are attracting towards this type of movies too.

People who watched this movie in very first weekend giving good reviews about the movie also I guess movie has good story plot and that’s the reason this movie collected between 5.64 Crore in first weekend that not so big earning but this earning is so good for the makers.

If you are planning for this movie than I think you should go and watch this because this movie is good in lot of section and if you like that type of thriller than this movie is better option for you but if you are searching for big names then.

I am sure that this movie is not going to gave you that also this movie is not for the Fans of Baba’s maybe they will say that they are hurt by that type of movie but I think this type of movies are important for wake up calls.