Total Kannada Shivalinga Movie 5th Day Box Office Collection Earning Kamai

Total Kannada Shivalinga Movie 5th Day Box Office Collection Earning KamaiThe Latest Movie Shaivalinga which is released on Feb12, 2016. Today, This is the fifth day of the Movie and earning business of movie is fabulous. people loves the movie alot and the starcast also put their hard works and everthing in this movie thats why people or audience saw their things and put our efforts towards this movie. We hope that this movie going to set some good or big records in Kannada movie industry.

Shivalinga Movie Box Office Collection

Shivalinga Movie Box Office Collection

The Movie starring  Shivarajkumar and Vedhika in the lead roles. Vedhika is an outstanding actress of Kannada or Telegu Movie. SHe has a good acting skills or nice voice or fabulous looks for being a awesome actress for the movie. She also done some smahs hit movies like pardeshiand many more.

The teaser of the best in class film Shivalinga was out in time for the birthday of the film’s lead performing skilled adorable Shivarajkumar. Going by the trailer, Shivalinga is with everything considered what could be a unique film.

the story of this movie is great and In this movie Shivarajkumar going to play a CID officer role who finds that the court was wrong with his decision and he proved that the case was not what the court thinks it’s not a suicide it’s a Murder.

He is finally faced with a situation where he has to solve the case to save his wife. A murder which was closed as a case of suicide is reopened on grounds of suspicion and our hero, a CID investigator, comes to investigate.

The Total Budget of this movie is around 22 crore (approx). The First Day Box office collection on worlwide earning of this movie is 8.6 Crore, which is awesome. Shivalinga Movie 5th Day Box Office Collection Earning Kamai is 5.0 Cr(Approx).