Total Krishnashtami 4th Day Box Office Collection Earning Worldwide

Total Krishnashtami 4th Day Box Office Collection Earning Worldwide :- Well, Telugu movie industry is growing and Krishnashtami type of movie is the great Krishnashtami completed 4 day in Telugu theatres and worldwide successfully also this movie is an awaited movie for the people because this movie has a lot to say just because the lead role actor Sunil, yes Sunil is so famous and talented movie artist and people love him because of his comedy and that’s a awesome news for the makers.

Krishnashtami box office

Krishnashtami Box Office Collection

Moving having mixed reviews from the makers and getting well-well Response from the people I think the negative point about movie is it took long time to hit cinema after the movie completed in august 2015 movie took more than 5 Month in released and the buzz we talking about this movie was awesome.

And these delays become loss for the makers they have to pay 1.5 Crore extra also the actor and the makers got failed somewhere making this Movie or you can say giving this movie time in promotion and now when it is finally released all over the makers started excepting good money from the audience.

Movie has good buzz among the youth and movie doing good in cinemas but I think movie can do more good in cinemas if delay was not happened but whatever happened is happened now we talk about the collection movie collected more than Rs. 3.2 Crore in first day of release.

And that’s the reason we saying that movie has good buzz and movie can earn more than that in upcoming days and that’s show the result of 2nd and 3rd day movie collected more than 2.9 Crore and that’s huge amount for the makers and I think they can earn more if the delay was not happened.

People want to see Sunil as a comedy actor ever and they want to see his comedy one track and upcoming movies and that’s the reason why people want to see this movie also the producer of the Krishnashtami knows that only Sunil can do anything with his role and that’s the reason he is ready to do anything with him in his movie.