Tracy Morgan & Wal Mart Settled Lawsuit Against Each Other

Tracy Morgan & Wal Mart Settled Lawsuit Against Each Other : Tracy Morgan settled his lawsuit against Wal-Mart over a highway crash that killed one man and injuring two friends of him. Morgan’s lawyer says that the Wall Mart and Morgan both worked to settle their case. “Wal-Mart took responsibility for the accident, we greatly appreciate”. Advocate added further. Hollywood star gave statement to the media about Wal-Mart, “Wal-Mart did right to me and my family and for my associates and their families”. I am grateful that the case resolved amicably”.

Tracy Morgan & Wall Mart Settled Lawsuit Against Each Other

Tracy Morgan & Wall Mart Agreement

Morgan and Wal-Mart case is solved but they don’t disclose all information about each other. A Wall-Mart truck trashed the van of the Morgan where he was sited with his three friends, one of his friends “Jimmy McNair” killed in the mishap.
Trace Morgan went to trauma because of this unfortunate incident. His legs were also broken-down.

Wall-Mart settled its case with McNair’s kids. The spokesperson of the company spoke about this issue, “We know there is nothing we can do to change what happened to Mr. McNair”. “We committed to do what is right”.

The truck driver, Kevin Roper, of Jonesboro, Georgia, faces several criminal charges, including death by auto, in state court. He has pleaded not guilty.

Morgan who starred on “Saturday Night” and “30 Rock” suffered from brain injury and could not work since. He went for brain surgery and wasn’t fully recovering. He worked hard to get a proper and better healthy physique. Now he is recovering.

Accident occurred because driver was driving for long hours, without sleeping. So, probably driver has lost his balance and mishap happened.


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