TRAI launches ‘MySpeed’ App to check Internet Speed on Smartphones

TRAI launches ‘MySpeed’ App to check Internet Speed on Smartphones :- It’s is great news for the Android smartphone user for which is not confirmed about the problem between the network and internet connectivity . So new mobile app ejected in India to monitor the internet speed on smartphones.

TRAI launches 'MySpeed' app to check internet speed on smartphones

According to the statement, The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has started a mobile app to help users check the internet speed on their android smartphones. The name of the mobile App is “TRAI MySpeed” and the app will support its installers check their data speed on 3G/4G systems.

The mobile App is assumed to be officially landed on Tuesday, July 5 though, it is previously accessible for download on the government-run Mobile Seva App market.

The “MySpeed” mobile application will be available to run on each device that runs on an Android OS 4.3, Jelly Bean and other higher versions of Android Operating system.

On the opposite side, Where the MySpeed mobile App is currently accessible for different mobile customers download it from the government-run Mobile Seva App market which is provided by the Indian government.

The MySpeed mobile application gives its users the greatest choice to send the effects of the internet speed to the controller’s analytics website.

The next are the forces that will be sent to the servers of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI):

1. Coverage
2. The Internet Data Rate
3. Network Report along with the plan and the area of the device’s speed analysis

The MySpeed mobile application has been started by the TRAI. that helps the users to control their internet activity. Once back indicating the rate of the internet speed, whenever the client experiences the lower speed of the internet, they can protest about the data speed problem.

Although of re-explaining the average internet speed that need be given to the customers, TRAI has ordered out some exceptions.

The clients can send their objections by the internet calls. With the accelerated growth of internet calls that involve IMO, calls, WhatsApp calls and many added.

The client charges are possible to rising. At the period of internet speed run experiments, it was determined that the 3G internet users of any Telecommunications got 2G internet speed largest of the cases in selected regions.

The current MySpeed mobile app is in connection with the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR), from the year 2010, which has been announced by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.