Trending: Non-Nicotine Wellness Vapes

Wellness vapes or nutritional supplement diffusers are growing in popularity allowing users to inhale substances that can better their health.  But the question that is on many users’ mind is what is inside a wellness vape and how does it work? Here’s a peek at the new craze that’s hitting the vaping world.
It Works Like a Vape
When you vape, you are likely to use a battery-operated device to breathe in an aerosol which can hold nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. Your vape juice is what you put in your device that is heated to produce vapors that you inhale. The advantage of vaping is that it is flexible offering different flavors that you can experience from chocolate and vanilla to lemon and orange in addition to the traditional tobacco flavor and menthol. Apart from this flexibility, it is also considered less harmful than smoking. According to the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, “vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking, so the message is clear, if the choice is between smoking and vaping, choose vaping.”
The same technology is used in wellness vapes which are sold in slim and eye catching cartridges. Some are also marketed using fancy names such as Vegan Delta Gummies, Peace, or ZZZ. A single use or rechargeable battery powers up the device to produce heat which is used to warm up the ingredients to create aerosols that you can inhale. The main difference is that you can add vitamins, supplements, essential oils, and even hormones for health benefits as opposed to vaping flavorings and tobacco products.
Benefits to Users
Pills, liquids, and powders are the traditional methods of delivery for vitamins and supplements. However, all this has changed with the advent of vaping. According to a recent study by Stanford University, more than 20% of young adults have perused non-nicotine vape products. The number of vapers across the world is increasing and currently, there are around 55 million e-cig users. Global sales have also increased and are expected to cross the $40 billion mark next year. In this regard, vaping is a novel technology to ingest vitamins, supplements, and other wellness products.
Instead of swallowing or drinking a solution, consumers switch to vaping nutritional supplements. It is believed that inhaling solutions and substances has a faster effect because the product is quickly absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream. Thus, users are likely to feel the effects of a substance quicker. For example, a person who has trouble swallowing pills or drinking supplements in liquid form will find vaping a better alternative. A report in the Annals of Internal Medicine also back up this clam indicating that nearly 73% of swallowing problems involve multivitamins. Hence, vaping wellness products is a palatable alternative to people who have difficulties taking them in the traditional way.
Wellness vapes are currently trending as people look for alternative ways to ingest healthy products. From vitamins to hormones, vapers can now add wellness products to their vaping routine. Inhaling wellness products is viewed as offering an immediate sensation in contrast to conventional delivery methods.

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