Trimbakeshwer Temple: Four Muslim Men Arrested For Entering Temple in Nashik

The incident that we are sharing today has been recovered from Trimbakeshwer Temple in Nashik, Maharashtra. It has been reported that four Muslim men allegedly tried to enter the temple premises to offer chadar to Shivling. The incident went viral on the internet and has initiated the reactions of people across the country. The incident happened when a procession of the Muslim community was on the way and four men among them went towards temple steps to perform a ritual of them. The incident provoked friction among the Hindu and Muslim communities as the Muslim community reacted to action against the four Muslim men. We are going to share all the details that happened in the famous Trimbakeshwar temple.

Four Muslim Men Arrested

It has been reported that a case has been filed against the four Muslim men who tried to enter the temple premises to offer chadar at Shivling. The temple trust filed a case against them on Tuesday. The Trimbakeshwar temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva only allows Hindus in the temple premises. Reports tell us when the security guards noticed the men entering the temple, they stopped them outside and the men tried to enter forcefully. The accused men have been identified as Akil Yousuf Sayyed, Salman Akil Sayyed, Matin Raju Sayyed, and Salim Bakshu Sayyed. They were in Sandal Julus which is held every year on the death anniversary of a great Muslim Sant.

Four Muslim Men Arrested For Entering Temple

On the other hand, the Muslim community is hurt by this action of the police as they explained that every year during their procession ( Sandal Julus), they show their regard to Shivling by showing Chadar to Temple. However, they did not go to the temple premise. They complete their ritual outside the temple on the temple steps. They also told that they have been performing the ritual for decades and the local Hindu community never objected. The Muslim Community also denied the allegation that the men forcibly entered the temple and offered chadar. They just send fumes of frankincense from the steps of the temple every year.

However, the Maharashtra government on Tuesday ordered to set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the incident. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis expressed in a tweet post that anyone who tried to disturb law and order in the state would be punished, and if the attempt was found to be deliberated, it will not be spared. People are also posting their reactions to the incident. SIT team will investigate whether the action was part of a ritual or was done intentionally. We will update you about the matter. Stay tuned.

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