Trishakti Episode! Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2016 Friday Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” starts with Simar asks to Sanju about Sughanda. Now Sanju rush to take her ball and then she made her video when she was taking tray to the Mata Ji’s room. Simar was dazed to see the entire scene.

Trishakti Episode! Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2016 Friday Written Update

Now Simar said that I have to touch Sughanda to know if Sanju was right. Simar touches her, suddenly she realizes its Mata Ji. Simar says why are you wearing clothes like Sughanda? Mata Ji says she brought these clothes for me. Mata Ji said now that this dress has been brought by no one else Roli.

Now Simar has been seen doing Pooja. But Simar feels something weird in the Pooja. Now Malti says I have to go to my room and bring that coin and before anyone gets to know I am here, I have to find that coin and go back. Now Simar comes in Sughanda’s room with the Aarti. She says when you came? We were all downstairs. Sughanda sees that thing near her feet. Sughanda says I had a spat with my brother. So I came here. Now Sugandha said I need to take shower first when Simar asked her to take Aarti.

Simar said okay. Sugandha also said that is there is any work left to complete in the Bharadwaj house. Simar says no all the works has been done. Now Malti come to Madhvi and Madhvi said she is finding the coin.

Now everybody is searching Sugandha. Simar says I have to check in Devika’s room. Sughanda is on the door coming in. Simar is dazed. Now Simar says before I could see the video Sanju made, the phone has been broken. Now Simar says to Sugandha that you sent me to a village that never existed. Why you did all that? Sughanda says I tried to help you. Malti may have done all that.

Simar still says I need some proves to trust you as I’m completely dazzled now with the unfortunate event going on in our Bharadwaj house. Now Sugandha looked on.