Trump Administration Granted Power to outright reject H-1B Applications

Trump Administration Granted Power to outright reject H-1B Applications: Well, you all should know that the Trump administration is ready to make their hard to get visa application much harder for the applicants. You all can say that things are going to be hard because third-party clients that require a host of evidence to show that the applicant’s specialization cannot be replicated by anyone else. Yes! You are reading it right these new things are all set which will make things much harder for any applicant.

Also, the reports are coming that immigration officials can outright reject an application if the ‘initial evidence’ submitted by the applicant does not sufficiently support the eligibility of the visa she or he seeks. Overall, this is going to be quick because the rejection will increase after that because the applicant does a lot of mistakes also you can say that the H-1B visa employees may not get a second chance to produce more documentary evidence that backs up their visa request.

You all should know that it can be worst thing for the applicants as they could be at the risk of deportation. The new policy would be rolled out from September 11 which means that so far all the applicants are going to be in little rest. Also, the reports are coming that the policy started from July 13th by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Also, you all should know that they have said that officials cannot deny a case without first giving the applicant an opportunity to furnish more proof.

Reports are confirming that the officials were needed to issue a Request for Evidence (RFE) in all cases, but with new policy nothing is confirmed. The USCIS said that this whole thing will work out as frivolous applications, experts believe that leaving this decision to the subjectivity of the officials could make the process cumbersome.