Tsunami warning issued after Earthquake of 7.6 hit the east coast of New Caledonia

Tsunami warning issued after Earthquake of 7.6 hit the east coast of New Caledonia: On Wednesday, with a magnitude of 7.6 on the scale, a massive undersea earthquake hit the east coast of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Over it, tsunami waves were observed, reported the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The earthquake was superficial 10 km (6 miles) deep and about 155 km (95 miles) east-southeast of the Loyalty Islands off New Caledonia’s east coast.

PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) said, “Tsunami waves reaching 1 to 3 metres above the tide level are possible along some coasts of New Caledonia and Vanuatu.” There were no reports of damage after the earthquake. The waves could be up to one metre (3 feet) for some coasts of Fiji.

Shortly, after the earthquake struck the New Caledonia, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning regarding the Tsunami saying that about 3 to 10 feet (1-3 metres) waves could hit the shoe of New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

A spokesperson for French mining and metals group Eramet who operates the Doniambo nickel plant in the chief port of Noumea he had felt the quake, describing it a strong but not long-lasting shaking. He said that it had endorsed its tsunami alert process. “The procedure is to ask people who works near the sea to move higher up,” he said.

Shortly, after the warning was issued, few hours later the warning was cancelled by the PTWC. “The tsunami threat has now largely passed,” the statement read.

Aneityum, the southernmost island of Vanuatu was hit with small waves, according to local reports. The waves reached 7 feet above the normal tides but no damage was caused.

Earlier in 1875, the tsunami occurred in New Caledonia, where total number of 25 people died in that tragedy. That was the only disaster occurred since than no other cases of tsunami was recorded, therefore tsunami in this area is rarely to observe.

The strongest tidal wave accounted in New Caledonia so far was at a height of 2.5 meters. On 28th March 1875 a total number of 25 people died in that Tsunami.