World is searching new faces

TUKO.CO.KE is the first and main source of news in Kenya. As a new one, this website is searching for active people. It does not matter if you are a photographer, a writer or only the beginner in blogger’s life. Do you have a desire to become the star in this sphere? If your answer is “yes”, so join us.


To begin working with TUKO.CO.KE, you need to have the blog. As far as the website is going to open new faces, your blog does not have to be too popular. Its content is the most important thing.

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woman using tabletYou will be offered to take part in different projects, increase job opportunities and meet other colleges. If you are interested in this proposition, send the information about yourself (interests, profession), 3 samples of your work to If the managers are interested in your personality, and your content passes the evaluation by a board of directors, they will get in contact with you. So, do not doubt and just have a try.