Tulsi meet aradhya! Krishnadasi 6th June 2016 Episode Witten Updates

Tulsi meet aradhya! Krishnadasi 6th June 2016 Episode Witten Updates :-In the TV series Krishnadasi, we saw how Aradhya (Sana Sheikh) is now surrounded with troubles, after getting married to Aryan (Shravan Reddy). And now in the show Jairaj have a grand entry, to increase the Aradhya’s trouble. Anyway, in the previous episode, we saw how Aryan tries to make Aradhya jealous by getting clos to Purva.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

But his plan has gone in vain as Aradhya sets Purva’s bed on fire. She asks Aryan to go to his room, and also warns Purva to stay in her limits. While Aryan decides to teach Aradhya, a lesson; Aryan’s mother is also there in support of Aryan in order to teach lesson to Aradhya.

Now Pavitra thinks that Aradhya has spoiled her clothes and decides to make her wash her clothes. She complains to Aryan about the same and Aryan orders Aradhya to wash his mother’s clothes. Even though Aradhya tries to clear the misunderstanding, Aryan and Pavitra do not pay attention on her and Aryan also humiliated her.

To increase Aradhya’s trouble, Purva cuts the washing machine wire. Pavitra now orders Aradhya to wash the clothes by hand. No other option, now Aradhya is just following Aryan and Pavitra’s orders. Meanwhile, Aryan’s family decides to get Gayatri married.

The guy (Jairaj), with whom they want to fix Gayatri’s marriage, and he is Purva’s relative, he will turn out to be a big flirt and he is not the right person for Gayatri anyway.

Precap: Tulsi comes to meet with Aradhya, Aradhya gets angry seeing her and acts like some spirit possessing her, her hair is also messed. Tulsi is stunned to see her like this; Aradhya grabs Tulsi from her neck and asks why did she come here? Aryan sees all this and he became confused too.