Turkey Coup: 250 killed, 2700 judges dismissed & nearly 3000 soldiers detained

Ankara, Turkey: On Saturday, Government of Turkey rounded up nearly 3,000 soldiers who was in the attempt of coup against the country. Turkey is moving swiftly to re-establish the control after a night of chaos and cabal.


More than 250 citizens were dead in the clash between police and military. Thousands of people of Turkey were injured in this incident.

The President of Turkey Erdogan dismissed more than 2700 judges because the president said that plotters will pay heavy price for the coup attempt.

Many of Turkish declared the uprising a failure. By noon, there were few signs that military who had taken part in the coup attempt against the country were still able to challenge the government of Turkey.

Defence Minister of Turkey, Fikri Isik said that there was no area in the country which was not under the control of Government of Turkey, but it was too early to said that threat of the coup in the country had been completely eliminated.

Gen. Erdal Ozturk, commander of the Istanbul-based Third Army Corps, and Alparslan Altan, a member of the country’s top court and a senior judicial figure were detained by the Government of Turkey in a charge of Coup attempt, according to a TV stations report.

According to an official, Gen. Ozturk will face charges of treason. According to Anadolu agency, Government of Turkey announced that 2,745 judges had been dismissed. According to a late night report, the judges of high court and prosecutors had been detained.


On Saturday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said in a news conference in Ankara that this coup attempt was a stain in the history of democracy and on Turkey. The death toll in the clashes at 265, with 1,440 people wounded. 2,839 military personnel had been detained by the Turkish government.

Turkish President Erdogan blamed for the cabal on the followers of Fethullah Gulen who is a Muslim cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania. Fethullah Gulen was the president’s ally until a bitter falling out three years ago. The followers of Fethullah Gulen were known to have a strong presence in the police of Turkey and judiciary system of Turkey, but less number of followers in the military of Turkey.

Coup Attempt in Turkey PM says military elements guilty of ‘treason’On Saturday, Gen. Umit Dundar who is a Turkey’s top military officer said that the coup attempt against the country was rejected by the chain of command immediately.

He also said that the people of the nations have taken to the streets and raised their voice for the support for democracy and the nation will never forget this betrayal.