Oops! Turkey Discharges 149 Generals Shuts 130 Media Outlets After Coup

Oops! Turkey Discharges 149 Generals Shuts 130 Media Outlets After Coup :- On Wednesday, 28 July the Turkey ordered the closure of dozens of media outlets in the next phase of its controversial crackdown in the wake of the failed coup and has also ordered the discharging of their 149 officials.


It is believed that 32 admirals, Eighty-seven land army generals, and 30 air force generals combine to compromise the total number of 149 officials, which are unhonourable discharged from the army on the back of their complicity in the coup bid.

Meanwhile, all these information are gathered on the official website on the basis of a government decree published. An official of the military also mentioned that in the military decree that another  436 junior officers along with the 1,099 officers also receive honourable.

The discharge of the generals are amongst those which are currently under arrest comes a day ahead of a meeting of Turkey’s Supreme Military Council which is expected to agree one of the most radical shake-ups of the armed forces in years.

Meanwhile, as per reports, this closure was ordered to three news mediums , 45 newspapers, 29 Publishers, 16 Television stations and 23 radio stations. The main motive was to make aware the people about this news.

The sudden departs of all these officers have come to the surprise to many people and this news has caught fire instantly. The others popular media channels that are Cihan news agency, the pro-Kurdish IMC TV and the opposition daily newspaper Taraf.

Meanwhile, all the media channels were asked to cut out the news after the coup.