TV actress Meera Deosthale aka Chakor from ‘Udaan’ is in Hospital

TV actress Meera Deosthale aka Chakor from ‘Udaan’ is in Hospital : Earlier it was Nikita Dutta who was hospitalised for several days a while back and now it’s Meera Deosthale aka Chakor from Udaan. Seems like the weather and hectic shoot dates are taking a toll on many TV artists. And the new to fall ill is Meera Deosthale that is ‘Chakor ‘of serial ‘Udaan ‘. Out of fatigue she swoons on the sets and is been admitted to a clinic in Mumbai . She has been recommended 7 days bed rest but she has to tie back the shoot as her presence in the scene is prominent right now . Meera especially confirmed the news to the sources.


Lately, lots of TV stars have been falling ill and have been admitted to the hospitals . As we have told last one week stars like Rajshri Rani, Nikita Dutta , Lovey Sasan , Bharti Singh was in the hospital . All of them had one thing in common and that is hectic schedule stress.

TV stars, particularly newcomers, shoot for 12 hours without a break and most of the sets are located in distant areas. Some of these artists even shoot for 18 hours a day. And this ends in they are falling ill. Most of these located sets also have mosquitos and the stars are prone to two serve diseases, dengue and malaria. Lovey Sasan from ‘Saathiya ‘had dengue that was due to the mosquitos on the sets. Most of the TV sets are in the region like Mira Road , Naigaon and Goregaon film city which are slew lands and that also points to an unhealthy environment .Mostly rookies who are lead actors have to shoot non-stop are not able to adapt to this non-stop work .