TV Series on Netflix: Latest Releases in 2018

TV shows enthusiasts and sometimes most of us have plenty of reasons to be delighted by the constantly changing Netflix streaming offer. The network updates its list monthly and celebrates every show by announcing it in advance. We have compiled a list of fresh TV series on Netflix to binge whenever you have the chance. If you’re up to date with many of the featured TV shows on Netflix, it might be hard to scroll for fresh releases. Below you can find the best-ranked recently produced and classic TV shows waiting in line to be watched.

Brand New TV Series on Netflix Available Now

Netflix is eager to announce monthly and yearly changes to its streaming list. There are so many to choose from: new TV shows, more seasons added to the existing ones and films and series to be removed from the list. Yet, sometimes searching for a film or episode to watch takes time. You can find the best films per category on designated websites such as Netflixguides.com which dig more into the network. For those who want to engage in a TV shows, here are the ones that premiere in April 2018.

1.      La Piloto (Available April 1st)

The 81-episodes TV series features the story of a Mexican stewardess with a past which includes drug dealing and other crimes. Now she tries to put her life in order and begin an affair with a DEA agent. The series has 7.7 IMDb stars and a growing popularity.

2.      Fastest Car(Available April 6th)

This series has one-hour episodes featuring three cares which team up to defeat some of the most sought-after cars of the moment. You will see a 1984 Honda CRX, a 2011 Pontiac minivan, a Porsche GT3 and so much more. The Global Original TV series on Netflix is a must for cars enthusiasts.

3.      The Boss Baby: Back in Business (Available April 6th)

The series is a kids’ animated show which seems to gather applause from grown up also. Based on the film with a resembling title, the Boss Baby show shows how a baby can balance his family life and a corporate job. This series has a 7.0-star rating on IMDb and promises to be a family comedy.

4.      Lost in Space (Available April 13th)

Lost in Space is a Netflix original remake of a 1960s sci-fi cult TV series. The action takes place 30 years in the future when colonization is now in testing. The TV show has a growing popularity and is still pending for reviews.

5.      The Alienist (Available April 19th)

If you’re looking for TV series on Netflix which combine a thriller plot with mystery and drama, then The Alienist might be your next favorite. The show reveals the story of a reporter who investigates a serial killer in the 19th century New York City together with a psychologist. The 10-episodes show stars Dakota Fanning and has a 7.8 rating.

New Seasons of Already Famous TV Series on Netflix

  • Wakfu – Season 3.
  • Money Heist – Season 2.
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again – Season 2.
  • Dope – Season 2.
  • 3% – Season 2.

That’s a Wrap!

There are TV series on Netflix to come and go each month. You can always find new shows or new episodes to find on the platform. Your favorites list can enrich with shows to binge on your next free evening. You can keep updated by searching for the monthly updates on the platform and scrolling the list by genre.

The TV series on Netflix are popular and fit for anyone who enjoys binge watching any type of film. You can become sympathetic with new characters or know more of some existing ones. If you need additional information about the TV series you plan to watch by looking for ratings and reviews. However, Netflix has plenty of acclaimed movies that sometimes even cause an international stir.

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