Twenty Four (24) Season 2 21st August 2016 Hd Video Episode

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 21st August 2016 Hd Video Episode :- The show starts at 6pm and 7pm. In the first scene, the officer slapped Gyan and asked him about the Gyan and Jai. But, Gyan was still silenced. Siddharth told Gyan that they know how to get the truth out by using the third degree. EManhwile, Gyan received the call and everyone asked him to talk to speakers on.


Twenty Four (24) Season 2 Hd Video Episode

Haroon was on the call and he asked Gyan why he you won’t answering the call, is everything ok and does ATU know about our problem? Gyan replied there is the problem after Roshan went and not yet and call ends. The call does not get traced.

Mr. Khosla told Naina everything about the  Devyani’s details and told him that”  Devyaani was arrested at the age of 17 for accusing drugs.  She was found with cocaine in the party and got raided and  she was sent to drug rehabilitation. Then, her father cleaned all her crimes and send her to London for further studies. And, after that, we don’t know anything about it.

Mihir asked Zara, is she fine? Zara replied no, it ITU not IT company. We have to be prepared for anything. Mihir asked her for coffee. Zara denied. Meanwhile, Vedant comes there and Mihir asked how do you be here, as I think you may in the hospital. Vedant called Shivani and asked her to come fast.

Siddharth asked was this ATU’s plan, are you guys out of your mind? She replied its important to talk to PM. He asked since when is this going on. She says since months. He asked who knew about this. She told Jai, Gyan, Vedant and me. He asked who authorized this, raw, CBI, pm, ATU helped the man who killed many people, you make him meet his brother who has weaponized virus, what were you guys thinking, anyways the question is why, you will have answers ready, now you can talk to pm.

Mihir asked whats happening. Zaara replied Gyan is out of interrogation room, even after what he did to me. Shivani and Siddharth talk to Aditya on video chat. Siddharth says I did not know this, go on Shivani. Shivani told we planned sting operation since 6 months, it was stepping to make Roshan free of jail. Zakaria asked what are you saying. Shivani says we were getting info about Haroon, Jai got to know about weaponized virus by some source, we had no way to reach that virus, except our agent, joins Haroon’s group by winning his trust, so Jai decided to go undercover.

Haroon and Roshan talk on the way. Shivani says we got Jai’s location, a situation is in our control, Jai sent a message for you. Jai sends the video message and apologizes to Aditya for keeping mission secret, I have to break some rules and protocols to do this, it’s necessary, I assure you I will save my country at any price, this mission is of an entire country, Roshan and Haroon have to die, Jai hind.

Aditya asked you did not leave any other way and now we became a part of this unauthorized mission, you all will face strict inquiry after this mission ends. Siddharth is still in charge and  you will report to him.

Veer told them that I m Kiran’s brother, where is she? She replied Kiran saved my daughter from Inder. Veer asked who is Inder? Neighbor ladies tell Veer about Sarah’s husband Inder, he went in the taxi, Kiran is the nice girl and are you her brother?

Jai reaches Hooran’s place. Roshan told them that Roshan is my younger brother and asked other to take care of him. Siddharth told them that I m running ATU, I know my work and he asked Gyan and Vedant to leave. Shivani asked them to go and change first, get medical dressing Gyan.

Prithvi informs them that Jai is with Roshan. Delta team is keeping an eye on them and Jai can make this mission successful. Aditya does not agree and told them that want we fight with this virus, the doctor says Kush’s blood has a virus and thus, we can study and find treatment.

Prithvi informed everyone that defense secretary is coming. Aditya told them I supported ATU always and they broke my trust today, Maa was  right. Prithvi told them that Jai and ATU did this to save you, I m sure they did not wish to cheat you and Naina worries for you and she thinks very bitterly sometimes, don’t let her words affect.

Khosla told them that I have sent mail, all seniors will get  to Devyaani’s real face. Dean checks Devyaani’s past details and gets shocked. Kiran meets Mili and told her that I will take you to Sarah, do as I say, come. Inder comes there and  informs them that Mili is not going anywhere.

At the clock time of 6:54, Siddharth told everyone that Jai’s watch is giving a signal and next two hours are going to be critical. Shivani asked everyone to track down the location of Haroon’s leader. Siddharth told Shivani to not remember whatever happened between them at marriage as he is her senior right now and she has to obey his orders.

Haroon and Roshan were celebrating. Jai comes there and Roshan gets angry and says that Jai’s every breath is a slap on my face. Haroon asked will you have the drink with me. Jai replied no, and goes. Haroon showed the virus and says I got this sample and I thought it’s good chance to save you from hanging, Jai was working with us, he said and he can do this work for 25 crores, I said fine and get my brother, see you are here and we have contract to spread virus, it’s for 500 crores, we will start from here, Mumbai.


In the upcoming episode, Inder asks Raj and Veer to move back and caught Kiran. Defense secretary scolds Shivani and Siddharth. Roshan says our network will be finished. Maya tells Jai that Haroon will kill you and hugs him. Haroon catches Maya and holds her neck. Jai says leave her, its not Maya’s mistake.