Twinkle and Leela comes to jail! Tashan-E-Ishq 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Twinkle and Leela talking about to tell Kunj that Yuvi gave him blood but Twinkle says she will tell him later when he’ll be alright. Usha comes there and thanked Leela to take care of Kunj as his own son.

Twinkle and Leela comes to jail! Tashan-E-Ishq 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Twinkle gives juice to Kunj to which Kunj replies its herbal juice and he don’t want to have it. Twinkle tells about its benefits and ask him to finish that. Kunj drinks it. Kunj and Twinkle coming closer and when she opens her eyes she got scared seeing a mask on the face of Kunj. Kunj laughs seeing her. Twinkle is happy seeing him laughing.

Anita tries to stop Yuvi’s discharge news to reach to jailer by offering money to an officer but he refuses to do so. Leela calls Anita to let her down.

By the next morning, Twinkle and Leela goes to the doctor where they got to know that Kunj needs more blood to be donated. They try to call the donor but failed. Then they head to meet the donor and goes to his home but they see there is a lock on his door. Twinkle says it is planned by someone. Then Anita comes and says it is done by her.

They tries to arrange a new donor but failed to do so. Then Twinkle got a call from Yuvi saying that save Kunj if you can as he planned an accident. He will lost his blood from body he might got dead from this. Twinkle runs to save Kunj.

Twinkle to call Kunj but failed then she calls Yuvi so he could stop executing his plans but he refuses and says you have to complete a condition for every bottle of blood. As he already donated a bottle of blood to him so now for this she have to take her case back and set him free from jail.


Twinkle and Leela comes to jail, Yuvi says for your husband’s life she has come to free me with release papers. Twinkle says because of the power of their love he is behind the bars and his freedom depends on them. Take it as a charity and be happy, here are papers go you are free now.