Twinkle angrily looks! Tashan E Ishq 7 th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Twinkle angrily looks! Tashan E Ishq 7 th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The reknowned TV Serial Tashan-e-Ishq in its 7th June episode starts with the divine love saga and the ups and downs going in the family. Let us begin with the Scene 1:

Tashan E Ishq Episode Written Update

Tashan E Ishq Episode Written Update

Tashan E Ishq Episode Written Update

In its first scene, Tiwnkle is standing and is speaking to herself regarding Kunj, she says that she needs Kunj in her life and is confused regarding his whereabouts. She further says asking him to give her a clue if she is doing right and ends up praying to God.

Simultaneously on the other side Pallavi comes on terrace with Kunj. His face is wrapped in bandage. She drags his attention towards the shooting star and tells his that if we pray for something from shooting star it comes true and reaches to the person the prayer is associated with. Kunj performs the prayer.

The camera gets back to the Twinkle who upon seeing the shooting star smiles and considers same as Kunj’s hint she asked for and promises that she’ll bridge the gap that came amidst family members after today’s entire hustle. In the meanwhile Yuvi enters. Looking at him she asks his reason behind coming. Yuvi replies her asking about the reason behind taking him out of jail, despite his family didn’t want so.

He accepts that though in past he tried to harm her and Kunj and has also tried killing him. He further says that he should get punishment for same and must not have been bailed, as he deserves to be in jail for his sins. Upon listening this, Twinkle leaves saying that it’s her life and she has all the rights to do what she wants and she don’t want Yuvi to ever come in front of her.

In the next scene Twinkle goes to Gurudwara and prays to the almighty to give her sufficient strength to win the family’s heart again. Subsequently she finds Yuvi here also and gets annoyed. She approaches him and scolds him saying that he is shameless to follow her in Gurudwara also. But Yuvi looks tensed and by mistake touches her hand. Twinkle scolds her loudly. Listening to this a man comes and goes speaks against Yuvi asking him to do the task he is assigned for. He apologizes, seeing this Twinkle is left stunned. This time Yuvi asks her to leave. By the time she was leaving, Yuvi sees a man and asks him about Anita. The man replies with a no. Yuvi tells that man that he knows that the man has taken loan from his mom and she will contact him sooner or later. Upon seeing this Twinkle realizes that she made the mistake and Yuvi isn’t here for her, instead he is here to meet this man. She wonders who this man is.

The man after maintaining the proper gap calls Anita and this is when his name is revealed ‘Pranav’. He tells her that Yuvi is out of Jail. Upon listening this Anita second’s his words and says that she knew no Jail can bind his son for long. She further disconnects the call saying that she is safe now.

By the time Twinkle reached home and finds family preparing for marriage function. She proposes to help them but they deny. She asks them that she has prepared breakfast for all, why didn’t they have it? Upon this Usha replies with a no and tells that she has already made it for family and she can have the one she prepared. Everyone leaves with Manohar for the function leaving Twinkle but Leela stays for her.

Reaching the venue, everyone looks happy seeing the decorations and holds each other’s hand. Twinkle tries joining them but Usha takes her hand back and this further makes twinkle sad. By the time Yuvi is found calling someone, asking if Pranav will come to party. The person on the other side replies with a yes.

By the time Mehandi preparations are in progress, Pranav enters the function venue. “Why are you following me?” Pranav asks Yuvi. Twinkle notices the same from distance. Yuvi again asks about his mom but man replies that he has no idea as to where he is hiding. Twinkle realizes that this is the same man she saw Yuvi with in Gurudwara. Yuvi warns Pranav and is busy talking to him. In the meanwhile family enters and Usha notices Twinkle staring him and presumes that Twinkle would have called Yuvi.

PRECAP Episode: Twinkle is seen sitting over floor busy with something. In the meanwhile a decoration piece above her is about to fall but Yuvi notices the same at right time and rushes to save her. He eventually succeeds to save her by pulling away. In this she falls over him; but she gives an angry expression. This entire chaos get the attention of entire family.