Twinkle is shocked! Tashan-E-Ishq 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Twinkle is shocked! Tashan-E-Ishq 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Twinkle driving car really fast and Yuvraj was shocked. Yuvraj asked what happened to you? Twinkle says we love each other but this world will not allow us to be together, but we can die together.


Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

Yuvraj told her are you gone mad? He saw a truck coming in front of the car and it was going to collide with their car. But, Yuvraaj at last minute move the steering wheel and then, Twinkle pushed the break.

Twinkle told Yuvraj that you never loved me. There was never a comparison between you and Kunj. I believe Kunj and I never doubted him and I went with you because I have always found a special friend in you, but now you have lost mine friendship Yuvraaj Lutharia.

She moves out of the car and Yuvraaj cries. On the other side, Kunj resigns from the colleague and told Principal that I come her for a person and if, she does not want me to stay in the college, then I do not want to stay in the college. Principal get confused and think what is a relation between Rocky and Twinkle?

Kunj went back to Sarna house and found a dark house with lights off. He thinks its good that everyone is sleeping as I do not want to celebrate my birthday. Suddenly, lights went on and everyone comes there and wishes Kunj happy birthday. Usha informs Kunj that all this decoration has been done by the Pallavi.

Usha started praising Pallavi and told Kunj that she is really sweet and she knows you well. She also takes admission in your college to stay close with you. Pallavi thinks Usha aunty is helping me to bring Kunj close to me. Kunj thanks, Pallavi.

Everyone asked Kunj to cut the cake. Kunj went to cut a cake, but he recalls how he used to celebrate with Twinkle and says Twinkle and leaves from there. Usha thinks this girl Twinkle will never leave my son.

Meanwhile, Yuvi thinks it’s good Twinkle don’t want me as the friend. And, now there will only be love between us. Yuvi reaches Twinkle’s room, where she was crying.

On the other side, Kunj reaches Sarna house too and asked Leela for meeting Twinkle. Twinkle told Yuvi, how shameful guy you are. I cleared that I don’t love you, but you still are following me. She pushes out Yubvi out of her room and saw Kunj there.

She told them both they both are same. On one side, Yuvi is doing all wrong things to get her and Kunj like always came here to give an emotional speech. She shut the door in face of Yuvraaj and Kunj.

Kunj hugs Yuvraaj and told him that he has done all the stupidity and now, Twinkle hates him. Yuvi got angry and was staring at Kunj. And, Kunj told Yuvi that just wait and see how I will make Twinkle to mine.

Kunj came back at the house and called Pallavi to meet him. He asked Pallavi to suggest him something to impress Twinkle. Pallavi misguided him and asked him to be more aggressive as girls like the more powerful man.

Kunj agrees to it and says now he will become more aggressive. Kunj leaves and Pallavi think, if you will continue believing me, then one day Twinkle will hate you.


In the upcoming episode, Kunj will reach Twinkle’s house and shout and say I am here to take my wife back and if she will not come on her own, then I will slap her and will take her on my back. Twinkle is completely amazed from this.