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Types of Realtors You May Encounter


Everybody might get a need to meet a real estate agent once in their life either for buying or selling a home. Since there is a lot of money on stake you certainly need to make sure you choose the right fit for your needs. From experience and analysis we have segregated the real estate agents into 5 general types. We have also written the pros and cons of each type of agent so you can figure out the best type in accordance to your priorities.

The Veteran



Who is it? This is the hustler with intelligence backed by years of experience in this business.

Pros: With their experience they provide you the most sagacious advice. Since they have experienced all the ups and downs they can beware you about from the minutest problems to the most complex one with advice to flail through these like a pro.

Cons: Since they are pro thus their demand is high and they deal with several clients at once. Also the experience’s advice comes at a cost; they take around 5% to 6% commission.

Best For: If you are a complete newbie then you may need a wise mentor and these are the perfect fit. Here is the list of realtors that can get you the best property in the town.

The Rookie



Who is it? This is the agent who has acquired his knowledge recently and also the license.

Pros: New Energy oozing with enthusiasm is their key character. They have fewer clients and give a client their complete attention in comparison to the seasoned agent. They tend to take a smaller commission saving you some extra cash.

Cons: They can make mistakes that can cost you a lot sometimes due to lack of experience.

Best For:  If you know the basics and are looking for saving a bit on commission and get undivided attention then this is the guy.

The Shark



Who is it? This is the Die-Hard negotiator who fearlessly and boldly negotiates for you.

Pros: Since your agent will be bold then you are all set for getting the best price for new homes, they will do everything to negotiate to the right price.

Cons: Their words might hurt someone’s ego and even annoy at times. They might be difficult to cope up with and it can become personal sometimes.

Best For: If you are not a jujube candy and have thick skin to all the competition then there he is.

The Charmer



Who is it? The nice guy who can win anyone’s attention with his charisma, he was born a salesman.

Pros: Seasoned to captivate, these guys can alleviate any problems between the buyers and sellers gently.

Cons: They like to speak not to listen and it’s hard to make them understand what you want.

Best For: Home buyers and sellers that may have a drawback like poor credit or a shabby home. Those deals in which only trust can get through it.

The Techie



What is it? This guy uses all the mobile apps, social media and technology to help buyers and sellers with ease.

Pros: Their dexterity in digital marketing and looking up for resources online makes them a good fit. Reports say that 44% of the home buyers start their search from online portals.

Cons: They tend to believe tech a lot and sometimes sabotage marketing and showing properties, their jargons might pass over your head sometimes.

Best For: Home buyers in both sluggish and fast paced market. You can get ahead of the curve in market.

Meet up with more and more real agents to figure out which agent falls in which category, at least three should suffice. Online portals are also there for finding the right guy.