Uber Cabs Now Includes Ferrari, Hummer, Lamborghini Rides For Free In Delhi

Uber Cabs Now Includes Ferrari, Hummer, Lamborghini Rides For Free In Delhi : If you can’t afford this luxurious cars but always aim to travel to these cars then your wait is over as uber has launched Ferrari, Hummer, Lamborghini for free for the Delhi citizens. They can take the ride for the maximum 15 minutes and this dead is applicable only up to today between 1 and 4 pm. Uber has launched this scheme for the the one’s who once wants to travel to these cars from the last few time. The thing that should remain in mind is that the offer is only for Delhites. This is happening in India for the first time and believe that we later can have these services permanently in the upcoming 2 years.


How To Avail Uber’s This Offer:

-> Download the Uber app for mobile and read the information         carefully.

-> Delhi users will see a special category at the bottom with a link      and just click on that link.

-> Depending on your location you are provided with the certain       car.

-> You can’t choose any car, cars will be given to you by them           depending upon locations.

-> Moreover if your location comes out to a place where two cars       need to cover same distance than it will be your choice to             select one.

As describes above,the ride continues up to 15 minutes  and then you are dropped to the locations from where you are picked. The taxi service has partnered with Droom, a Gurgaon based online marketplace to buy and sell used and new automobiles.Moreover there is some restrictions while travelling with these cars that an individual is not offered to drive by their own at any cost, cars are limited so the uber’s has told to keep trying until they get a ride, but riders can click their pictures and can upload it anywhere as it won’t violate their policies. Through this campaign, Uber has taken a step ahead of its competitors Ola and  Meru. This initiative came days after Delhi High Court set aside state government’s order rejecting the application of Uber to operate in the capital.



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