Udaan 10th October 2016 Written Updates! Tejaswini & vivaan congratulate chakor

Udaan 10th October 2016 Written Updates! Tejaswini & vivaan congratulate chakor :- The show starts with Chakor asking Tejaswini to help her. Tejaswini says that what do we have to do. Chakor says to him to stop Suraj from drinking. We will keep the Mata Jagran tonight. Suraj goes to kitchen and asks Bijli for wines. She tells that Chakor has thrown all bottles. After listening this, Suraj gets angry and says Chakor kept Jagran to keep an eye on me. Suraj shouts on servants.


Chakor says that I kept Jagran at home so that I can keep an eye to all you at night and if needed, I will lock you in room.

The jagran starts in haveli. Many guests arrive in the function.Chakor sees Suraj leaving. She tells the lady that Suraj has come. Bijli comes and gives Prasad to Suraj and says that Mata Rani will bless you. He tries to give prasad to Chakor and also tries to leave.

Tejaswini stops Suraj, he argues as he is helping Chakor. Suraj goes back home. He took a glass of water from Bijli and drops the water on the mic connection. The mic connection goes out.

Chakor says that we can do the jagran without the mic. Chakor asks Vivaan that you told everyone that nobody give a single bottle to Suraj. Suraj goes to a wine shop and asks for the bottle but the shopkeeper denies to give him the bottle. Suraj gets angry and shouted on him. The shopkeeper says that I will not give you a single bottle of wine. Suraj says that your shop is not only the alone shop in this area. He goes to another shop for the wine. But he says his photo at the other wine shop.

Chakor starts the jagran and sings the songs of Mata Rani. Everyone start greeting the Mata Rani. Surag does not get any wine bottle and gets angry.

Precap: Chakor says there are 10 minutes left. Vivaan and Tejaswini congratulate Chakor. Someone gives the wine to Suraj.