1 Hour Special ‘Maha Episode’: Udaan 13th September 2016 Written Updates

1 Hour Special ‘Maha Episode’: Udaan 13th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the popular TV series Udaan started with “Chakor’s (Meera Deosthale) parents ask her to re-think over her decision, Chakor intervenes and aid that now Imli and Vivaan need to be together as they are married couple.


Chakor leaves her parents’ into their house and she comes back to the Haveli. Ranjana gets shocked to see Chakor at the doorstep. Suraj’s (Vijayendra Kumeria) mother welcomes her with Aarti. She says she is glad that Chakor is now comeback in the Haveli.

But Chakor makes it very clear to Sooraj’s mom that she is not here for Sooraj, actually, she is here for Imli. Imli is happy to see Chakor but she asked to her why she is here. Chakor said that she is here as she will help Imli to proposes Vivaan and she also said that Imli needs her Didi.

Chakor convinces Imli that she should bring Vivaan in the lake rest she will manage. Imli did so and Vivaan asked to her where Chakor, Imli is said I don’t know. Ragini, on the other hand, asked workers’ to stay alerted, some things where to go worst as Ragini’s dad somehow bring police but Ragini manages the same and after her dad and police left, she just destroys the evidence’.

Chakor decorates the place and on seeing her Sooraj asked her is she was missing him that she is here. Chakor asked Sooraj that she is no more bonded labour or wife to him, now she is free, she can go wherever she thinks and want.

Sooraj asked to Chakor what preparations she is doing, Chakor asked to him that the preparations are going on for the baby shower of Imli, Sooraj turn upset. Imli asked to Chakor that we need to complete the baby shower till 7:30 as it is the Shubh Muhurat (Good time).

But they reached there at 8 PM and their mother says it’s inauspicious to step out on the day of the baby shower. Vivaan comes. Imli thinks of proposing him, Vivaan decides to meet Chakor and Chakor decides to make them meet anyhow.

Precap: Imli says I will tell Vivaan, I love you… Chakor asked to her, yes you should say as he is your husband and you also love him.

Chakor wishes him and left, she also has been seen upset as she is also in love with Vivaan. She falls down and screams. She shouts Vivaan. Vivaan gets shocked. It is Imli will be having a miscarriage now.

What Chakor will be doing now, it is the crux of the story of Udaan. Stay tuned for more updates on the TV series Udaan.