Special Episode! Udaan 22nd October 2016 Written Updates! Ranjana Sees Suraj

Special Episode! Udaan 22nd October 2016 Written Updates! Ranjana Sees Suraj :- Colors TV most excellent pleasant program, Udaan looks like a fabulously entertaining show, which gives the immense voltage potential that extends to the Udaan followers.


Udaan 22nd October 2016 Written Update

The dramatic TV series Udaan specifically made to give goose bumps to the onlookers with its never stopped dilemma way and certainly, the high crux of the program is to showcase in the current episodes that, Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come to Dhaba. Chakor sees them and tells Suraj that Bhaiya ji has come. Suraj gets stunned and says on the off chance that he sees me with you, everything will be destroyed. They hold stow away. Ranjana sees Suraj.
Where In the most recent scene, Chakor grins seeing the moon. Kasturi and Bhuvan do customs. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana, Imli and Vivaan likewise do ceremonies of Karwachauth.

Chakor says its great Suraj called and let me know Vivaan is fine, I was concerned for him. Vivaan breaks Imli’s quick. Everybody break quickly. Imli requests that Tejaswini goes and have sustenance.

Tejaswini gets miserable and goes. Chakor reviews Kasturi clarifying about Karwachauth. FB indicates Kasturi telling about spouse’s life gets long like moon’s life.

Chakor sees the moon and after that sees Suraj. Suraj sits drinking. She goes to him. He conceals wine. She says don’t do things which should be covered up.

He says I don’t do anything by covering up. She asks what’s this wine bottle. He says I have concealed this container, as I would prefer not to hear any address, I need wine today, I need to overlook what I did.

Chakor asks what did you do. Suraj advises her beginning and end what happened. Chakor gets stunned. Suraj says Vivaan got spared from Bhaiya ji, however, I m feeling extremely regretful, I have no strength to meet Imli’s eyes.

He holds bottle tight and breaks it. His hand drains. Chakor looks on stunned. Chakor says your hand is dying, demonstrate me. Suraj says this is my discipline, in what manner will I pardon myself.

He shovels the jeep by his draining hand. She binds hanky to his hand. She says you did a major thing, not a transgression, you spared Vivaan’s life.

At times truth needs to twist infront of the lie, it ought to mean truth missed the mark, you did that on Imli’s platitude, quit reviling yourself, quit crying. He says I m not crying.

Something fell in my eyes. She says great, go home and rest. She gets mixed up. He keeps her as she tumbles down.