Udaan 26th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates Chakor gets shocked!

Udaan 26th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates Chakor gets shocked! :- LCOLORS TV most delightful extraordinary program, Udaan looks like a beautiful strong show, which gives the extensive voltage potential that changes to the Udaan supporters.


Udaan 26th October 2016 Written Update

The exciting TV series Udaan constantly made to give goose bumps to the watchers with its never finishing dilemma way and quickly the enormous crux of the show is to showcase in the new episodes that, Bhaiya ji says cheat once more, you have no privilege to live. He points a weapon at Suraj. Chakor is held by goons. Bhaiya ji shoots Suraj. Chakor gets stunned. Ragini grins.

Where In the latest episode, Vivaan gets back home. Ragini inquires as to why are you dismal, did you not land position. Vivaan asks how would you know.

She says I told Papa that you ought not to land position, what will individuals say in the event that you work anyplace, you work with Papa, you swindled Papa some time recently, now you won’t do this, as I m with you.

Bhaiya ji grins. Vivaan says I won’t work with cheats like you. Ragini says fine, make due on spouse’s profit, as you won’t land position. Imli looks on.

Vivaan goes to his room. Bhaiya ji asks will Vivaan concur. Ragini says he needs to concur, we will put weight on him, first, we will execute Suraj. It’s night, every one of the villager’s works and battle.

Bhuvan tries to stop the battle. Ragini comes and says Chagan will be a director. Chagan says I won’t do this work, you request that Suraj and imli do this.

She says I didn’t fire you from work. Chagan says I won’t carry out your employment. She says fine when anybody doesn’t consent to me, what I do. She beats Chagan and requests that he say yes.

The villagers get stunned. Chakor comes and stops Ragini. She requests that Ragini stops it, villagers saw, no compelling reason to beat Chagan. She requests that Chagan does what Ragini is starting.

Chagan concurs. Chakor requests that Ragini takes off. Chagan apologizes to everybody. He requests that Chakor how to order all older folks, accomplish something and make them take off.

She considers Suraj. Bhaiya ji makes his men beat villagers. Suraj likewise beats them to win Bhaiya ji’s trust. Chakor comes to town and gets stunned seeing Suraj.

She stops Suraj. Suraj says how could they not consent to their proprietor, I will beat them. Chakor slaps Suraj indignantly and stops him. Bhaiya ji and Ragini look on.

Chakor requests that Suraj quit acting to please Bhaiya ji, why are you demonstrating fake dependability, will you execute them,