Imli gets shocked! Udaan Sapnon Ki 8th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Imli gets shocked! Udaan Sapnon Ki 8th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Chakor recalling Suraj and Imli’s word and she thinks now I will fly again and will be free after leaving this house. On the other side, Imli tells Vivaan that Chakor is innocent and she did not anything wrong. Vivan told her I heard all thing and I do not trust her, despite loving her. Vivaan asked why Suraj told revealed truth now? Imli says he loves me and soon realised me but I told him that I love you and I don’t need you because I got a father and that is you.


Udaan Sapnon Ki Episode Written Updates

Imli asked Vivaan to go to Haveli and she will go to meet Bhuvan and Kasturi to tell them the truth. On the other side, goons pick up a lawyer and Kajal offered him money to take his father’s case. The lawyer accepted it and Kajal promises that she will help in winning the case of Kamal Narayan.

Meanwhile, Suraj was waiting for Chakor and think he will free Chakor and he will get free from the burden. Chakor came there and Suraj informs him that she is now free and can go anywhere. Chakor smiles and told Suraj that he is not the that much bad person. Chakor thinks just one night and I will be free from all this. Suraj goes to bring the Ganesh Idol.

Imli informs everything to Bhuvan and Kasturi. They both get shocked and thinks what mistake they have done by kicking out Chakor out of their house. Bhuvan told Chakor and Kasturi that he has done the rituals of Chakor despite she was alive and it is a big sin. Imli asked them to repent their mistake by bringing back Chakor from Haveli tomorrow morning.

Next morning Chakor was packing her bags, and Vivann comes there and showed her a sketch of her that he made. Chakor says it nice. Vivann says he made this by waking up the whole night. Imli listens to this and went to Temple. Imli thinks Vivann made a sketch of Chakor by waking up the whole night and it means he loves her. But I also love Vivaan. Will I lose my love for the second time?

Meanwhile, Chakor asked Vivann does he showed this sketch to Imli? Vivann says no. Chakor told him that he would have shown the sketch to Imli first. Vivann asked her what hse think about her future? Chakor says nothing I just want to leave Haveli and now, I am going to meet Imli. Vivann leaves from there and Imli sees sketch and cries and thinks Imli loves Vivan and now, there is no place for me in this house.


In the upcoming episode, Imli will ask Gujar to drop Chakor to her house. Vivan says I will drop her. Imli ask her to take her with her. But Vivan will tell her that there is no space in the car for her. He holds Chakor and leaves house. Imli get shocked.