Udaipur Village: 12-Year-old raped four-year-old , Shocking

Udaipur Village: 12-Year-old raped four-year-old , ShockingWell, you all should know that a shocking case was reported in Udaipur which is hard to explain and a shameful for our nation. Reports are coming that a 12-year-old boy allegedly raped a four-year-old child from his neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. You all should know that a 12-year-old boy raped in this case, alone and you all can see that in this age, our kids who are not even teenager now are able to not just think, but rape someone.

So far the reports are coming that the incident happened at Dhudana village under Jhadol police station. Also, the sources are explaining that the victim belonged to the extended family of the accused and lived in the adjacent house. The girl’s parents were away when the incident happened; the accused saw the girl outside the house while she was playing alone. The accused took the child to his house on the pretext of playing and committed a heinous crime. Aped and

Also, you all should know that the girl was began bleeding profusely and cried loudly, the boy was frightened and he ran away from the spot. Some sources are saying that the victim’s parents were laborers and they came to Udaipur to work. Meanwhile, the accused mother and stepmother both were present at home but they kept it quite or maybe they didn’t notice it which is quite shocking too.

Some reports are saying that minor’s crime came to light when the victim’s parents came back from work and found her in the pool of blood. As per the medical investigation, the penetration did not happen as the victim bled profusely during the initial act. Overall, the police took the charge and they are trying to identify the case, and they are solving it so far.