Everyone is cry! Udann Sapnon Ki 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Everyone is cry! Udann Sapnon Ki 16th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Udaan begins with Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) feels guilty for once asking Imli (Vidhi Pandya) to kill her child as now he wants Imli to have her baby. Vivaan (Paras Arora) asks Chakor (Meera Deosthale) how we will be reveal to Imli the fact and Chakor asked Vivaan that he need to be strong as he has to support Imli.


Vivaan thinks that how bad luck person he is never able to have the person whom he loves. Imli’s parents sighing that now Imli is safe and Chakor is now worried thinking of Suraj that he must be also hurt with the news.

Now when Chaokr bumps with Suraj he asked to Chakor that now he is keen to take Imli with him in an alone place but Chakor asked to him that if he is now mad as he did not with her when she needed him.

And now when she is having Vivaan in her life he wants to have her. Chakor asked to Suraj that is he is in love with Imli and Suraj confess his love for Imli. He also asked to Chakor that I never liked you but today I am not angry with you as you are speaking truth.

Earlier I did not give value to Imli and today I lost her. Suraj looks completely shattered and asked to Chakor that you actually prevented me from hurting Imli for the second time unless I perhaps I have been hurt her again.

He also asked to Chakor that I am happy that now Imli is a nice guy like Vivaan who actually give her the value she deserves.

Vivaan is having tears in his eyes and asked Imli to forgive him as he was unable to save her baby and Imli was sleeping in that time. Suraj also asked to Chakor that I want Imli to be with Vivaan.

I love her but she doesn’t love me back as I am not worthy to be loved. Suraj cursed himself.

Precap: Imli asks to Chakor about her baby, is it boy or girl. Vivaan holds her and asked to her that our baby died. Imli gets shocked. Everyone cry and Imli broken down in tears.