UIDAI: Introduces New ‘Virtual ID’ to Secure Aadhaar Data Privacy: 10 Key Points

UIDAI: Introduces New ‘Virtual ID’ to Secure Aadhaar Data Privacy: 10 Key Points: – Instead of sharing their Aadhaar number people now busy and started sharing a randomly-generated 16-digit temporary number for the different services.

The UIDAI – the authority which runs the government’s Aadhaar program – stated that the initiative is aimed at minimising instances of leak and misuse of Aadhaar numbers that will be also going to enhance the privacy of the 119 crore people afterward the identification number will be issued.

According to a report, the UIDAI claims that they are now busy working on a “Virtual ID” for months, and the declared was made at a time privacy concerns around Aadhaar peaked.

Post a newspaper exposes on unauthorized access to its database previously on the last month and to secure the UIDAI Introduces New Virtual ID to Secure Aadhaar Data Privacy.

The important software is all set to come out by the UIDAI by this March on the first week. All agencies that are registered to authenticate identities need to start shifting to the new system by 28th March.

By 1st June all these agencies have to fully migrate to the new system unless it is likely to risk of losing their registration and fines.

Once the new system starts, people will be able to generate their Virtual ID from the website that is run by the UIDAI, Aadhaar enrolment center and the Aadhaar application on their mobile phone. This will be a 16-digit number and will be valid only for a limited period of time.

This 16-digit number can be provided by people for various services like railway counters, airlines, instead of revealing their Aadhaar number and confirm the person’s birthday.

The Supreme Court on the last Wednesday also raised concerns over homeless who are not getting benefits of the social welfare schemes.

This is happening in the absence of Aadhaar and the Aadhar asked how they will get them if the people are not having a permanent address.

10 key points in this story

  • The Virtual ID is a random 16-digit number.
  • This Virtual ID can be generated as many times as possible.
  • Once the ID gets older which is canceled and a fresh one is automatically generated.
  • People can go to the UIADAI website to generate their virtual ID which will be valid for a short period of time or till the user decides to change it.
  • The ID, along with the biometrics of the user, would give any authorized agency a limited detail, like name, address, and photograph of a person, which are enough for any verification.
  • Agencies that undertake the authentication process would not be allowed to generate the virtual ID on behalf of the user.
  • UIDAI will also introduce the concept of ‘limited KYC’, which will provide need-based or limited details of a user to an authorized agency providing a particular service.
  • The Aadhaar-issuing body will start accepting the ‘Virtual ID’ from March 1, 2018.
  • The ‘Virtual ID’ will be made compulsory for all agencies undertaking authentication from June 1, 2018.
  • Those agencies who are failing to meet the above deadline will be faced with financial disincentives.