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The unique shark was washed to the beach. The experts are confused.


The experts can’t understand what could eat the half of the shark. The animal appeared on the beach of the US. People tell that it must have been the fish of the huge sizes, but what it is no one can claim with the confidence.

As reported at Tuko, at the time of the weekends, the half-eaten shark was washed to the beach in Florida. The experts are still confused.

They say that it is really difficult to snap such a big shark and eat it, because the hazardous animal, without doubting, is somewhere up in the food chain.

A spokeswoman for the New Smyrna beach told this was an extraordinary occasion, and identified the half-eaten fish as a spinner shark. However, this fact is not definite.

Some experts ruminate that the mystic fish that ate the shark could have been the well-known 14-foot white shark. Sometime ago, this animal received the second name, that is “Katharine”.

For almost two years ago, the specialists got the chance to track the fish’s movement and to watch for its way of existence. But their devices often lost the shark and the experts could not find the animal.

It is known, that the last time this shark has been seen this year. Some people had the opportunity to follow its movements and to show the video online. The great number of viewers watched it. So, do not miss your chance to Check out the video to see how experts caught and tagged “Katharine” in 2013 before releasing the shark back into the sea.