Latest News: United Airlines caught up in leggings row

Latest News: United Airlines caught up in leggings row :- The incident happened on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday.

United said the girls were travelling on a special pass, for employees, as well as all paying customers, are allowed wear leggings.

“United pass travellers” are eligible for free air travel.

The dress code for pass-holder states they should not wear form-fitting tops, pants and dresses including no mini skirts.

Activist Watt said- A United gate agent was requesting the girls to wear dresses over the leggings.

She said three of the girls were allowed to fly after putting dresses over the top, but two were prevented from boarding.

United later stated- “All pass riders are considered representatives of United. And we have a dress code that we ask them to follow.”

It added that the passengers on Sunday’s flight not complied with the code.

The flight attendant and author Heather said- dress codes for staff travelling on free passes are common practice and evolved over the years.