Some Unknown Facts About Indian Independence Day! Independent Or Still Dependent?

OMG ! ’65 messages from  54 people –Today is definitely not my birthday, is it? Let me check what the date is today? It’s 15th August-Independence day cum Public Holiday cum Outing Day cum what not; as usual the people justified the quote ‘Go with the Flow’. Every TV channels will have ‘Patriotic Feeling’ movies  & showing sympathy but wait that’s only for today, is it? Yes, The profile picture of Facebook & the display picture of Whatsapp will be either an Indian Flag or our Patriotic Heroes Picture. It’s been 68 years of Independence now & we are pathetic enough to ruin the Nation’s pride-honor with just few quotes on freedom,  making ourselves & others feel that we do care for our country. Watching the martyr’s biography in the news channel won’t bring him back but will only create the pain in every patriotic person who really cares for his country.

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Independent Or Still Dependent?

Seriously? Of course there are burning issues which are unsolved :Soldiers dying  mercilessly at the borders, policemen shot during the terrorist attacks, every Hit & Run Case ultimately results in bail, 2 out of 20 girls gets sexually assaulted, 1 out of 10 people with higher education is unemployed, corruption has no ‘pause or stop’ value, malnutrition is still the major cause of death, gender discrimination is evolving in certain states, judicial system is lagging & so does the legislation.

So what do we do? Being the youth & young blood of our country, we ought to make some resolution to convert our country’s obstacles into revolution. If 1 out of 5 people dares to support women teased & harassed by street guys, 2 out of 10 donates money for slum-kid’s education, 3 out of 10 stops paying corrupted money involved; our India will be next New York. Stopping spitting  & throwing garbage on the road,  fight for the truth whenever required, justify the injustice prevailing in the society because we may not be the patriots for sure but we are a part of one of the World’s fastest developing  country.

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Let’s give a tribute to almost all the Indian freedom fighter who made contribution to make this auspicious day worth celebrating. Obviously, we can’t go fight for the country by going to the border but at least we must respect their efforts, desperation & guts. In fact, we are in the internet era which makes it so easy to share & spread the awareness. Our  inspiration & motivation comes from within but when it’s about our country, it certainly does comes from our conscience & soul.

Time to showcase about what Indians can do, time for the justice to prevail & time to change ‘these Indians’ to ‘We  are Indians’. Because in India, Rich dominate poor & More rich dominates rich so one way or another we all are the slaves. Let’s just celebrate every day as free Country’s day & it would be far better to do something for the country than to criticize it as we say’ we don’t spit in the dish we eat’.

Indian is an amalgamation of plenty of languages, festivals, religions & Gods thus we would be virtually called as ‘The Slave’ if we don’t break the chain that is obstructing us to lead us to the right track. It’s about indulging & engaging in the country’s support whenever and wherever required.

From today, 15th august is not only the Independence day but also the day we starts to shine for our country. Trust me, even if 1 out of 1000 truly gets the above words grasped in his head and heart then  it would be around 1 million free people & probably that’s an ample number to start any tough revolution. Try to feel the ‘National Song’ standing with your goose bumps speaking loud enough in your skull to torn all the barriers & do what it is legitimate & truth.

In ancient era, India was called ‘A Golden Bird’. Why not to pave India to decorate again with that quote? It’s in our hand-the 24*7 energetic people,  let us reshape India into the most Realistic Free Country.

…….Because I am really proud to be an Indian.

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