UP: Minister said, “India Became Global Superpower Due to Bhagwan Ram”

UP: Minister said, “India Became Global Superpower Due to Bhagwan Ram”: You all should know that a UP cabinet minister has given a controversial statement where he said that once a Ram temple is built in Ayodhya, it would “restore the glorious history” of the town. Now, this statement is quite bad for the people who don’t want to see the Ram Mandir there. Overall, we are here to make sure you all know what really happened.

As far as we know that the Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary told the media, “Whether it is the government or any other institution (in the country), everyone must respect the public sentiment. And, the public sentiment, which is prevailing across the country, wants that the construction work of the Ram temple in Ayodhya must begin at the earlier.”

Also, the state religious affairs, culture, minority welfare, Muslim Waqf and Haj minister said, “As soon as a grand Ram temple is built in Ayodhya, it will restore the glorious history of Ayodhya. Subsequently, lakhs of tourists will visit the place and it will eventually give a boost to tourism in the temple town.” Also, the Choudhary added, “owes its identity to Lord Ram”.

Even he pointed out that “people should learn a lesson from the life of the Maryada Purushottam, who made India a global superpower”. Also, he added that “Lord Ram is a personality, which is incomparable — be it as a son or a warrior. Lord Ram is our role model… It was due to Lord Ram that India became a global superpower.”

Overall, we have seen the full interview where he was talking thing about the issue. He was very furious about the fact that during the Mughal rule, British rule and even after decades of Independence, no attention was paid for the development of Ayodhya. He said that nobody really cares and it’s time to make the way clear for the people who are living in Ayodhya.