UP: University award for its ‘worst teachers’ in Uttar Pradesh

UP: University award for its ‘worst teachers’ in Uttar Pradesh :- It’s often said that teaching plays a prominent part in shaping an individual’s career and hence, a university in Lucknow has taken a unique step to make sure that the teachers realize their performance throughout the year.King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow becomes the first medical college in India to nominate the worst teachers of the year based on the feedback given by students and peer review.

The College has announced about this on their foundation day on December 24, 2016. However, the teachers and other colleges staff have opposed this decision. They have threatened the college has the administration to take the legal action this decision of the college.

Well, this decision may take the whole country India a turnaround as it has never been done in any part of the world. The teachers and students have always shared a unique relation, and when this type of announcement has made, it may make a revolution in the Indin education history.

Prof. Kauser Usman said that this might prove to be the biggest obstacle in the career of a teacher. Well, the people from every corner of the world has appreciated this.