US Association of Immigration filed for papers on H-1B queries, denials

US Association of Immigration filed for papers on H-1B queries, denials: Well, reports are coming that US association of immigration advocates did recently file a lawsuit against the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as they were seeking to procure documents, which would explain increased scrutiny and denials of H-1B petitions by the government unit. Sources are saying that AILA filed this suit as they are a voluntary body of 15,000 plus immigration attorneys and academicians. H-1B Visa: Trump administration has reiterated its intention to undo the existing policy

In 2017, AILA collected a report which said that an increasing number of requests for evidence (RFEs), followed by an increase in the rejection of H-1B visa applications + . After that, the AILA filed two separate requests seeking documents (especially on wage and specialty occupation determination), which would explain these actions. USCIS failed to respond, which led to AILA now filing a lawsuit in the Columbia District Court. US Visa: Startup Visas & New Age Entrepreneur Visa for spouses of H-1B on Hold


Also, some reports are indicating that 2018-19 season, which would permit successful H-1B visa applicants to work from October 1, USCIS received 1.90 lakh applications, far outstripping the annual quota of 85,000 (which includes 20,000 under the Masters Cap restricted for applicants having advanced degrees from US universities). We already defeated you that how the American government is making rules harder and harder for the normal people.

Sheela Murthy, president & CEO, Murthy Law Firm says: “The RFE rate is similar to the high rate witnessed last year.” “The Trump administration is coming up with new and devious ways to issue RFEs and denials, in a manner unprecedented and unseen earlier, during my thirty years of practice,” she adds.”We are seeing many more RFEs on the issue of lack of specialty occupation and the lack of an employer-employee relationship, especially when there are consulting companies or third party worksites are involved,” says Murthy.