US Intelligence Agencies: Yahoo Privately Scanned Customer Emails

US Intelligence Agencies: Yahoo Privately Scanned Customer Emails :- An American multinational technology company Yahoo privately scanned customer emails for the US intelligence, while Yahoo made a custom software program in the last year to seek all of its customers’ incoming emails for particular information given by US intelligence administrators and this is the first case to surface of a US Internet company agreeing to an intelligence agency’s request by searching all reaching messages.


According to the source reports, Where the offical a former employee said that the international tech company Yahoo silently scanned the customer emails for the US intelligence, and the company complied with a detailed US government need, browsing millions of Yahoo customer Mail accounts at the direction of the Security.

Also, The two employees are given the statement, in which Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer’s choice to accept the directive roiled senior managers and pointed to the June 2015 retirement of chief information security officer Alex Stamos, although who presently exists the top security post at international social media site Facebook.

Yahoo rejected any additional criticism, including Mr. Stamos, refused a demand for an interview through an agent and the NSA related issues to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, that rejected to comment.

Confidence Adopts Plan :

While in 2007, Yahoo had opposed a FISA demand that it lead searches on particular email accounts without a court-authorized permission and aspects of the case rest sealed, just a partially redacted declared mind told Yahoo’s request was disappointed.

The sources reports said that Remarkable Yahoo employees were confused about the choice not to strike the freshest command and believed the company could have commanded.

Outdare The NSA (National Security Agency) :

Following laws containing the 2008 reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Law, intelligence companies can charge US phone and Internet corporations to give customer data to support different intelligence committee works for a kind of purposes, including restriction of crimes.