US Kansas Shooting : 4 killed, 20 others Injured in Opens Fire

US Kansas Shooting : 4 killed, 20 others Injured in Opens Fire : An employee killed 4 people and others 20 injured in open fire. It was the shooting spree that ended at his work site in Heston, Kansas on Thursday where he was not shot and killed by authorities according to the locals.

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The gunman opened fire at Excel Industries, after police had earlier received reports around 5 p.m (2300 GMT according to lacal time)

According to one of the local spokesperson for Christi Hospital St. Francis said that they have taken six patients from the shooting, with five in serious condition and one in fair condition.

Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said at a news conference. “This is just a horrible incident that’s happened here,” Walton said. “There are going to be a lot of sad people before this is all over.”

According to the sources, Wesley Medical Center is treating three patients, said the hospital spokesperson Susan Burchil and she had no further details.

However, the shooter has killed three or four people and wounded as many as 20 others, the sheiff said. He said the suspect was driving and shooting from his car before he was killed by authorities inside the Excel building. Excel Industries manufactures products for turf care, according to the sources.

According to an employee at the business told that she was just steps away from the shooter before she made her escape.

“I’ve been through quite a bit but nothing like that; that’s terrifying,” the woman, who did not give her full name, told the station.