US President Election 2016 Prediction: Who will win Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

US President Election 2016 Prediction: Who will win Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? :  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been knocking lumps out of each other for months as one of the most talked about elections in recent history fast approaches.

On 8th November 2016, Americans will go to the polls to pick their new Commander in Chief and the Sun is on hand to give you all the latest odds and polls ahead of the biggest political event of the year.


During the last year, Donald closed the gap on Hillary remarkably, going from rank outsider for the Republican nomination to almost neck and neck as polling day neared.


But, the prospects of Clinton have been rocked by a disastrous week that saw the FBI announce that it was relaunching its investigation into the email use of Democratic.

Both President Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton are planning last-minute trips there to shore up support. And Michigan, which was a 10-point win for Mr Obama in 2012, is also looking uncomfortably close for the Democrats.

If Donald Trump manages to break the Democratic lock on one of those states, Mrs Clinton will have to prevail in one or more of the toss-ups on the map. Fortunately for her, there is some good news to be found in early voting results.

But, from the New York Times/NBC, gives Hillary a three-point advantage.

Last Updated on 6th November:

New York times Upshot: Clinton has 84% chance of winning

Five ThirtyEight: Clinton has 64.7% chance.

HuffPost: Clinton has 98.3%

Overall US President Election 2016:

Hillary Clinton: 46%

Donald Trump: 44%