USA President Candidate Donald Trump’s wife Melania Breaking Visa Rules

Donald Trump has been the new controversy king. Although, he is Republican presidential nominee, but he is more famous for his comments about the oppositions men and their wives.


Trump has ben in headlines for a quite some time. Trump made a habit of being in the headlines of every news channel in other media field. The trump has again made a controversy this time. But, it’s not Donal Trump who has come to the light, this time, its her wife Mrs. Melania Trump who is hot on all the news channels and press media.

Melania Trump recently accused of violating visa rules when she started working as a model in New York. Now, the latest news is coming out that Melania has clearly denied all these reports.

Melania Trump in her latest interaction with the media wing told them that she has always followed every single immigration laws at all times. Although, Melania is yet to clarify what type of visa she used during a 1995 photo shoot in New York.

This issue has caught more fire because Donald Trump took a hard line on illegal immigration in his campaign. And, when her wife was accused, he was completely silent and also her wife.
Although, Melania Trump told everyone that she started working in the US in 1996, but as per reports nude photos of her was published at the weekend by a New York tabloid appear to have been taken in 1995.

As per the BBC, this issue has raised a question that whether Melania Trump’s whether she had the right to work or not and there are a lot of eyebrows raised on the immigration status of her.

Meanwhile, this issue is also expected to affect the Donald Trump campaign and maybe he will lose his the battle for the position of President. Well, only time has an answer for this and till then, we all just have to wait and watch.