Uttar Pradesh: Quick Trial Mathura Court Sentences Rapist to Death in 57, Murder Case

Recently, a rape and murder case in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh is being so famous on social media platforms. The case is of a man who had raped and killed a 10-year-old girl. According to the reports, the name of the man is Satish Kumar, and there has not been any information about the girl as per the order by the court for not revealing any information about the kid for maintaining her and her family member’s privacy.


On Friday, 9th of December, the judge of Mathura High Court announced the death penalty to the criminal for raping and killing a 10-year-old. The rapist is around the age of 30, and as mentioned above the victim kid was around the age of 10. The man raped the child in the second week of October. He had told the girl that he was going to take her to the “Bhandara” in his neighborhood, but when she went to the neighborhood of the man. Then the man raped her and killed her. After killing the girl, the man threw the dead body of the girl in a forest. Later the matter was disclosed by the mother of the girl, as she had registered the FIR against the rapist.

What Is The Entire Matter Of The Case?

According to the sources, the case of the murder and rape case of the 10-year-old child was going on under the fast track case, and the police had been working hard to solve the case. After some time, when the case of the rape and murder of a 10-year-old kid was shared on social media platforms and the internet then everyone started to praise the judge of the case and all the members of the whole team of the police.

After the case is resolved, and the final verdict has been signed by the court against Satish Kumar, one of the police officers came in front of the media and announced that the complaint was done by the mother of the 10-year-old female child against the man. After the investigation, it came out that Satish Kumar had kidnapped, raped, and killed the girl. The FIR by the mother was registered against Satish Kumar under IPC section 363 for kidnapping, section 376 for rape, section 302 for killing the girl, and section 5m/6 for committing the crime of sexual assault on a child. Later Satish Kumar was arrested by the team of the police and pieces of evidence were collected, the case was taken to the court for a further hearing.

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