Uttarakhand Crisis: PM Modi Calls Emergency Cabinet Meet

Uttarakhand Crisis: PM Modi Calls Emergency Cabinet Meet 

NEW DELHI: PM Modi in action calls for an Emergency Cabinet meeting in New Delhi on Saturday night.. The meeting will analyse the political turn-moil in Uttarakhand.

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What is the Current Situation?

Chief Minister Harish Rawat-led Congress government in UK  is facing a rebellion by 9 legislators. Rebel Congress leaders released a sting video of Mr Rawat today and it is alleged that Mr. Rawat tries to horse-trade rebellion MLAs to save his government.

Congress MLAs rebelled against the chief minister earlier this month when they sought a vote division on the floor of the house. However, the speaker rejected the demand.

The video which is released by Congress rebel MLAs  allegedly showed Mr. Rawat bargaining with rebel party lawmakers to win their support ahead of floor test on March 28.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called an emergency meeting of the cabinet on Saturday night to discuss ongoing situation in the state where Chief Minister Harish Rawat is facing a rebellion from some of his party’s lawmakers.

In answer, the BJP demanded President’s Rule in UK, saying Chief Minister Rawat has no right to continue. A delegation from the party also met President Pranab Mukerjee to make their demand for the same.

BJP’s memorandum to the President was also critical of state Governor KK Paul, saying he “did not act on the request of the majority of the legislature to dismiss the state government and on the contrary granted 10 days time” to Mr Rawat to prove his majority.

 The Future Might be…?

But before the crisis of 9 Congress rebelled MLAs, the Congress had 36 legislators in the 70-member Assembly. The ruling party also has the support of 6 members of the Progressive Democratic Front, while the opposition BJP has 28 legislators.

However, The Chief Minister has to prove his majority on Monday.