Uttarakhand Heavy Rain & Cloudburst hits Munsiari’s Balati, Seraghat Hydro Power Project

Uttarakhand Heavy Rain & Cloudburst hits Munsiari’s Balati, Seraghat Hydro Power Project: Well, reports are coming that the Seraghat Hydro Power Project which is in Uttarakhand isn’t in very good condition. Reports are coming that Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh suffered severe damage on Monday and a lot of things are affected due to the heavy rain and cloudburst.  Also, the sources are claiming cloudburst has damaged the hydro project’s dam, which is likely to cause a flood in the nearby region. However, there were no reports of casualties so far.

Reports are coming fine that nobody is hurt now and reports says that there has been no response from the authorities and no rescue workers had reached the site till the time of the reports. As you all may know that heavy rain took a lot of life and even three people died as heavy rains wreak havoc in Jammu region. Also, a lot of other things happened because of this whole incident.

You all should know that Munsiari region of Pithoragarh has been receiving heavy rainfall since Sunday night. Also, this whole disaster is taking a lot of life nowadays. The cloudburst in Balalti has further worsened the situation as the flood water along with slug has reportedly entered the shops in the market, causing damage to property.

Owing to heavy rains on Sunday, the District Magistrate had given the orders to keep the government and private offices shut on Monday. The schools were also ordered shut due to the weather conditions. The authorities had advised people to remain cautious and adopt all preventive measures. Some reports are coming that this thing will affect whole game. Seraghat Hydro Power Project is going to be fine and reports are coming that things will be alright soon.