RIP: Uzbek President Islam Karimov Passes Away at 78

Tashkent: The first president of Uzbekistan 78 years old Islam Karimov died on 2nd September 2016 due to a stroke.


He was reported to be in intensive care on 20th August 2016, after suffering a stroke. Islam Karimov was the first president of Uzbekistan in office from 1st September 1991 to 2nd September 2016.

Islam Karimov was born in Samarkand province of Uzbekistan. He studied engineering and economics. He became an official in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He became the first Secretary of the party in Uzbekistan in 1989.

He became President of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic on 24th March 1990. Karimove declared the Uzbekistan an Independent nation on 31st August 1991.

Reactions of Some Top Leaders of the World:


On Saturday, Yuri Ushakov said that Russia expects the political situation in Uzbekistan to remain stable after the death of President Islam Karimov.

On the sidelines of a business forum in the east Russian city of Vladivostok, Ushakov told reporters that We hope the situation in Uzbekistan will be stable.

Islam karimov will be buried on Saturday in his home city of Samarkand


On Saturday, President of China Xi Jinping said that we lost a true friend with the death of President of Uzbekistan Islam karimov.

He added that unfortunate passing of Islam karimov is not only a huge loss to the Uzbek people, but also means the Chinese people have lost a true friend.


US loses parter with the death of Uzbek President Islam karimov in the war of terror. The death of Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov could pose serious challenges for the US in areas such as counter terrorism.

US forces use the airspace of Uzbekistan and Karshi-Khanabad airbase to support operations in Afghanistan. Afghanistan shares an 85-mile-long border with the Uzbekistan.