Video: 4 Superstars Who Won Their First World Titles On Raw, WWE World Championship

The officials of WWE has uploaded a video on Friday, suggesting the four WWE superstar that have the potential of winning their first WWE World Championship on RAW.


The WWE World Championship on Raw is one of the most popular events of WWE. Thousands of fans all over the Globe are eagerly waiting for this Raw championship.

WWE Clash of the Champions 2016

The WWE officials decided to put some light by giving the four big names that can wear the crown of Monday Raw championship. Check out the video below.

This video suggests the names of the WWE fighters that can win the Ram Championship. Although, the most promising one looks Triple H and Kevin Owens. Both, these WWE superstar has the potential of becoming the champion especially after their deadly display over last two months at various events of WWE.

Meanwhile, it will not go to be easy for this two contenders as they have to tackle each other and even Kevin Jericho. Kevin is himself is one of the contenders to claim the title of WWE Raw, and he has got the enough firepower to do so.

Meanwhile, the results will only be displayed on Monday, so we all have to wait for the big day.

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