Vikram Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu Box Office Collection: Total 9th Day Worldwide Report

Vikram Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu Box Office Collection: Total 9th Day Worldwide Report :- Well, Vikram’s recent release Tamil/Telugu movie Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu collected respective amount from the very first day of release. People are coming out to watch the movie in very good numbers. The way makers presented the movie is so cool. I think the good direction and acting attracting the quality audience towards the movie.


As you, all know the movie is not getting that much bucks from the cinema because of the weak story plot. People have not that much buzz for the movie because of the bad critic’s reviews. Also, word of mouth is not looking that good for the movie. The movie collected average bucks in the US as well as in other overseas countries.

The first-week box office collection was average than expectations. People have other small and big options to watch in the cinema. Also, few new releases take place in between people this weekend. Surely the buzz going to be decreased for sure and the box office collection is going to have struggled in box office.

Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu Box Office Collection

The movie opened up with the very good occupancy in very first day of release. Even the whole first weekend went very awesome for the movie. Tamil version of this movie collected Thu [5.25 Cr], Fri [4.50 Cr], Sat [4.00 Cr], Sun [4.75 Cr]. Also, after the start of weekdays, the income gradually falls to around 47%.

Also, the movie collected 4.10 Crore in EID because you all know that day was holiday and people came out to watch the movie. Overall, the movie collected 51.00 Crore from the domestic box office at very the first week of release (Including Tamil and Telugu version).

Also, the movie collected 70 Crore gross from the international market including all type of earnings. I am sure that the hype going to be increased for this particular movie because of Vikram. The movie is going to collect 100 Crore soon from the box office for sure.