Viktoria Theresie Ljungman Dead: Flight Instructor Killed In Plane Crash In Virginia

Viktoria Theresie Ljungman Dead: Flight Instructor Killed In Plane Crash In Virginia:- Here we are to discuss the plane crash that happened in Virginia and cost the life of a flight instructor named Viktoria Ljungman. According to the reports, a flight crashed in Virginia in which a flight instructor passed away. Since this news came up it is making noise on social media and news channels. Who was Viktoria Ljungman and what went wrong that caused the crash? There are numerous questions that have to be answered. Reportedly, the plane crashed into the back of Cessna 172 shortly after taking off from Williamsburg International Airport. Kindly read this article till the end to get more information about the crash. Scroll down the page.

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Flight Instructor Killed In Plane Crash In Virginia

As mentioned, a flight instructor named Viktoria Ljungman died in the tragedy. She was known as Viktoria Theresie Ljungman and she was on the plane as its instructor. Meanwhile, her death news was confirmed by Virginian-Pilot through Twitter. The statement reads, “Hampton University is aware of the unfortunate accident that occurred today involving two of our students. The exact cause of the accident is under investigation. Out of respect for the students and their families we have no further comment at this time.”

The flight instructor was 23 years old. According to the source, the tragedy happened on Thursday in Virginia. She graduated from Hampton University and worked as a flight instructor. Nevertheless, she recently got her commercial license. Moreover, she was also a tennis player, and Hampton University women’s tennis team’s 2022 roster features her. Meanwhile, she majored in flight training.

Nevertheless, she was not alone in the accident, there were two more victims in the plane but they are said to have survived the crash. The other two victims were students of Hampton University. On Thursday, a spokesperson for the state police named Michelle Anaya said the plane crashed around 3:03 pm. Meanwhile, the airport was closed two hours after the mishap.

The other two victims were taken to a hospital while the flight instructor was pronounced dead at the scene. Victims were rushed to Riverside Regional Hospital and later transferred to VCU Hospital in Richmond. As per the Instagram post of the Hampton University Student Government Association, a prayer service was held on Friday for staff and students. The case is being investigated by The Virginia State Police. Stay tuned to this page for more details and updates.

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