Viplav Is Very Sad! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Viplav Is Very Sad! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Ishq Ka Rang Safed” is one amongst the most watched shows,  which is used to telecast on Colors tv. This show contains a lot of drama and emotions.


Ishq Ka Rang Safed Episode Written Updates

The last episode shows that Tripurari informed all the security guards that do no allow a girl named “Dhaani” to enter the house as he has to go somewhere and he left. Dhaani along with Dulaari reached Dashrat’s house .

Security guards asked her name , she replied that she is Mrs. Dhaani Viplav Tripathi , a guard told Dhaani that she is not allowed to go inside. Meanwhile, Kanak reached there and told Dhaani that there is no a requirement of her in this house and Viplav hates her. Kanak started pushing Dhaani and told her that Viplav does not want to meet you.

Dulaari confirms from Dhanni that whether she is ok or not. Meanwhile,
Viplav was drinking alcohol in his room and Kamini reaches there and asked Viplav that why he is sitting alone in his room.

Viplav told Kamini that he is really very angry with Dhaani , as she was going to meet him but did not come . Kamini consoles him and Viplav fell on her shoulder.

Viplav started saying that does Dhaani knows that how much i love her , he also felt bad because he had slapped Dhaani and told Kamini that he had made a big mistake by slapping Dhaani.

Then Dhaani went into Viplav’s room through a small window and saw Viplav lying on the shoulders of Kamini. Kamini also saw her through the mirror and started repeating that ; Viplav do not say that you had done a mistake by marrying Dhaani. She miscommunicated the Viplav’s point. When Dhanni heard all this, she got hurt and started crying and went off from the house.

Dulaari asked Dhaani that why she is crying so badly, Dhaani told her that Viplav is not mine and he does not love me , he was with Kamini in his room. Dulaari went into shocked and asked Dhaani to go and discuss all this with Viplav, but Dhaani denied.

Dulaari told Dhaani that how she will grow her child and what when the child will grow up and asked about his father’s name. Dhanni said her child will not become her weakness instead her child will become the reason for which Dhaani will live.

Meanwhile, Tripurari returns and handed over a bag to Suwarna, and apologize to Suwarna and asked her to visit her family. Suwarna gets shocked by this behavior of Tripurari.

Suwarna returns to Ashram and meets everyone there, where she came to know that Dhaani is pregnant. She became very happy and suddenly Dhanni along with Dulaari returns .

Suwarna hugs Dhaani and congratulates her. Dhaani asked Suwarna
that what is there in her bag , then both checked the bag and they found a time bomb with time set on that.

They both fight for the bomb and Bomb went off and Viplav on the other side received a call from Police and police confirmed from Viplav that Dhaani is her wife and later told him that there was a bomb blast in Ashram and all the ladies were killed in that blast.


In the upcoming episode, Viplav will be sitting sad and his grandfather Dashrat will ask him to be happy as Dhanni has passed away before five years.

But Viplav will tell Dashrat that he believes that Dhaani is still alive in the Mangalsutra which is with him and will ask Dashrat to throw the Mangalsutra when he will be dead. Dashrat looks shocked.