Virat Kohli Slams Ex-Girlfriend Anushka Sharma’s Haters on Twitter

Virat Kohli Slams Ex-Girlfriend Anushka Sharma’s Haters on Twitter : Anushka”Well, yesterday night India won with the impressive batting of Virat Kohli or you can say he is the man of the match who helped India to won the match against Australia also he become hero after his exploding innings against Australia he proved that he is one of the most  challenging player and can play good in any condition.


After his batting against Australia India finally won the match and placed himself for the semi Final against the West Indies I think the main hero of the match Virat Kohli is the main reason of winning and after that match in every where people started talking about him the way he played yesterday was awesome.


And all of sudden after this beautiful innings people started talking about him in social media and all of sudden people started trolling him and he became the trending news on twitter as well as other social media.

People started making jokes on him and his ex girlfriend Anushka Sharma also the people wrote a lot about her and make his breakup responsible for the blockbusters innings and all of sudden people started making bad jokes on Anushka.

But the way Virat replied those people was so shocked he uploaded a picture on his twitter account as well as his Instagram account and write that “people who making trolls on Anushka has to shame on them self’s, have some compassion, she always gave positive energy.” Virat Kohli shared a photo with this post which the ‘Shame’ is written.

I think after that angry reaction people may going to stop trolling this Bollywood actress I am not that sure that people going to stop after it but Virat show that he still care for her and as a human being that’s so bad trolling someone on social media.