Virtual Casino Guide for smart players

Offering reviews for the world’s top online casinos from Usa, Online-Casino.us.org helps a potential player choose the online casino that suits their tastes and desires by reviewing globally reputable sites and hosting links to them. Currently, the Internet is flooded with totally unreliable casino games that offer small payouts with little chance of winning them, but Online Casino makes players aware of bonuses, player incentives, what games are available, and how secure the websites software is. Upon reviewing each casino, Online Casino then provides gamblers with a rating that will stand to show the quality of the reviewed virtual environment.

Along with providing security in knowing you will be gambling on a safe and profitable website, Online Casino offers features beyond reviews. With each country subjugated to separate gambling laws, each casino listed allows the player to view what country it’s available in, including United States/ Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Worldwide as options. Once you know what games and casinos are available in your country, Online Casino offers a unique option of playing casino games free of charge and can be used to train before you play for real money. Free games that are made available by the site include slots, bingo, craps, blackjack, roulette, keno, and video and virtual poker as well as basic rules for most commonly available virtual games. For inexperienced players, tips for each game provided by Online Casino are made easily accessible with a user-friendly drop down menu. Other gambling tools and tips can be found at the top of the banner under the links ‘Gambling Movies’, ‘Famous Gamblers’, and ‘Blog’.


How To Use and Navigate Online Casino

With a mobile-friendly interface and compatibility between Mac and PC, Online Casino is ready to use from any device. Select your choice in browser and click the address bar until you see the insertion point appear. Type in the URL, online-casino.us.org into the address bar and hit enter on you keyboard or the ‘go arrow’ on your mobile device. If you have successfully entered the address, you will be taken to the United States version of the Online Casino website where you will see several places to navigate to from the home page. The home page gives a variety of information about the website including top virtual casinos of the year and details about the page.

Next to the logo are several clickable drop-down menus and pages along with a search bar. To access the pages in the header, simply click them to be transferred to the pertaining portion of the website. For drop-down menus, simple hover your cursor and scroll to the desired subject and click on the page you wish to learn more about. For mobile devices, access the drop-down menu as you would a page by clicking the drop-down arrow instead of hovering. Alternate menus include ‘Free Casino Games’, ‘Tips’, ‘FAQ’, and ‘Casino of the Month’.

What is Casino of the Month?

Casino of the month is the top-rated virtual casino website for that particular month. Online Casino writes a full-length, in-depth review for the virtual environment to provide an accurate overview for potential players. Details include if the casino is accredited or not, what games are playable, how payouts work and what incentives and bonuses are offered to players, and software security information.

Payouts; How Do They Work, and Is My Information Safe?

Before you receive a payout or bonus from any online casino. you must first obtain an e-wallet. E-wallets are websites that work like online-only bank accounts, offering the same security as any bank, but with limited features. Connected to a Mastercard or Visa, the e-wallet can be used as any normal debit account and purchases can be made at brick and mortar stores or online. When using an e-wallet, keep in mind fees can incur but are generally made clearly known when signing up. Fees are commonly associated with wire transfers, credit usage, and currency exchange rates.

Despite occasional fees, the benefits of an e-wallet are many. They provide a secure space for your earnings with little to no chance of being denied for an account. While brick and mortar banks may ask for a credit score or background check, e-wallets will never ask for such checks, allowing a user to have some anonymity and a lack of paper trail.

When using anything other than an e-wallet such as a credit card, be careful as to what casinos you choose to use it in. Any casino that does not request to see a valid form of ID along with card information should be considered unsafe for the user and should not be used. Occurrences where you may desire to use a credit card are usually when you need cash fast such as certain bonuses that do not require a deposit, but may need to see that you have money in your account, or when debit is unavailable.

When a casino asks for information for a payout, be sure they are asking you the right questions. If they ask for your Social Security Number, the casino is unsafe and you should not proceed.

Utilizing Online Casino’s Free Resources

While online gambling can be entertaining and relaxing, Online Casino is aware of the risks involved when playing for extended periods of time. If you feel you spend too much time and/or money in virtual or tangible casinos, Online Casino is here to help. Located at the bottom of the home page are two links labeled Gambling Addiction, and How to Stop Gambling. In 2014, the gambling industry made $40 billion in revenue and Online Casino would like to see those number generated by a healthy populace that is free from the chains of addiction.

Gambling Restrictions May Apply

In the United States, online gambling has been pretty tricky to follow and even harder to pin down under federal laws. While online gambling is not illegal federally, regional laws apply and are different from state to state. Only two people in the history of the United States have been charged for online gambling and both of them were caught betting on sports online. They were charged under the Wire Act, which at the time was construed as non-specific and authorities made the judgment that all forms of online betting were considered illegal. The Wire Act was passed in 1961 under the Kennedy administration to help prevent organized crime. The original law stated that it was illegal to receive or transfer funds over a wire in relation to organized betting as well as aiding in the process of organized betting over a wire. As of 2011, it was clarified under federal law that the Wire Act was specific to online sports betting, and the betting and gambling of casino games was legal. The legal age for online gambling in the United States range from 18 to 21 depending on the state. Some virtual casinos that are based in other countries do not allow United States citizens to play due to their gray gambling laws. Federal laws may not restrict online gambling, however, they do in fact enforce laws against fraudulent activities whether they are conducted by the website or gambler. This is effectively in favor of the player as websites more often host fraudulent schemes than a player tries to place void bets.

Contact Online Casino for Information

If after navigating the website you are in need of contacting Online Casino you can scroll to the bottom of the home page and click Contact Us. The link will transfer you to a page that has several fields that need to be filled to the best of your ability so Online Casino can answer your questions to your satisfaction. In the fields, you will need to provide your name, a valid email address, the subject of your question, and a detailed message as to why you are contacting them. If you are in need of quick assistance or incapable of providing an email, text chat services are at the ready for your convenience.

Concluding Remarks: A Satisfactory Experience Provided By Online Casino

While online casinos can feel unsafe or too good to be true, Online Casino helps you discover the secure, enjoyable online casinos you desire while also keeping in mind your needs for bonuses and player incentives. Unlike most websites who review for profit, the Online Casino ensures that no player is tricked into scam gaming because they were payed to do so. Only quality, safe websites are linked.

Aside from ensuring a player’s security and satisfaction, Online Casino provides resources free of charge to anyone visiting their site. Ranging from the ability to brush up on your blackjack skills to reading about world famous gamblers, there is something for everyone.

Educational links are hosted on the website to be utilized by the players and visitors alike to allow people to greater understand international gambling laws, gambling addiction symptoms, and gambling addiction recovery resources.

Whether you are an experienced online gambler, a blackjack table jockey, or just starting out this website is kind to all with its sleek modern design, easy to read navigational bar, and ready to access tools.